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Brand: GT Model: RP0586
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Brand: KHE Model: RP0567
 Product information "KHE ARSENIC SE 18 Zoll BMX 10,1kg geen".  *AVAILABILITY: 18.05.2021 ONWARD  The KHE 18 Zoll ARSENIC SE is top spec and is close as possible to the perfect 18 inch BMX. When riding street or park, the handlebars are spun very often, so, this model includ..
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Brand: KHE Model: RP0534
Product information "KHE Blaze 18" Black only 10,2kg .  *AVAILABILITY: 20.04.2021 ONWARD. The KHE Blaze 18” is the perfect beginner’s bike for young riders looking to get into the sport. With a great look, a reasonable weight and our patented Affix 360° BMX rotor, it has everything yo..
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Brand: KHE Model: RP0539
PRODUCT INFORMATION: *Available from 20.04.2021 onward  The Catweazle was KHE's first freestyle BMX bike, released all the way back in 1990. This is why we had to bring it back for our 30th anniversary! Our legendary KHE Catweazle, with which Albert Retey won his first world champions..
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Brand: KHE Model: RP0065
*Available from approx. 06.04.2021 onwardProduct information "KHE Centrix 20" Black Chrome only 10,5kg  → The new KHE Centrix 20" in a black chrome colourway, is very light, stable and has our patented AFFIX 360° rotor system installed. Ideal for park, street or dirt and perfect for both t..
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Brand: KHE Model: RP0540
* Available from approx. 04.06.2021 onwardProduct information "KHE Cope AM 20" Black only 10,9kg - available from approx. 06.04." → The KHE Cope AM is a high-quality BMX bike that leaves nothing to be desired. It is very light and has a great design. In order to spin the handlebar our pate..
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Brand: KHE Model: RP0685
Product information: *AVAILABILITY: 01.04.2021 ONWARD  The COSMIC is a real KHE history bike! The first edition was produced before over 25 years. Now, because of our 30th anniversary, the KHE COSMIC will be again reissued. The idea behind the "All-round BMX" is the vision to inspire ..
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Brand: KHE Model: RP0533
 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION "KHE Lenny SE BMX 16" Black only 9,4kg  → We have developed the Lenny 16 inch to enable children from a height of 105 cm to start riding BMX. With this BMX bike, they can learn their first tricks, do jumps or simply cruise off-road without problem.Recommended..
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Brand: KHE Model: RP0064
*Available from approx. 20.04.2021onwardProduct information "KHE Silencer LT 20" Black only 9,9kg - available from approx. 20.04."→ The KHE Silencer LT 20" is equipped with great parts and weighs under 10kg including rotor, making it extremely light for an off the shelf BMX bike! This BMX is the per..
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Brand: KHE Model: RP0538
* Available from approx. 06.04.2021Product information "KHE Chris Böhm 20" Anthracite Black only 11,3kg   Chris-Bohm→ KHE collaborated with one of the most famous German BMX riders, Chris Böhm. Together, we developed the perfect mid-range beginner 20" BMX bike, so that you can learn a..
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Brand: KHE Model: KHE1
The KHE Strikedown Pro is our top of the range model and currently the very best bike available from KHEbikes. It weighs an unbeatable 9.7kg and is equipped with premium components. We are proud to offer the worlds lightest off the shelf street/park/dirt BMX bike in its price range!The KHE Strikedow..
Ex Tax:572.95€
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