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Brand: KHE Model: RP0878
Product information "KHE MAC2+ PARK/STREET 20"x 2,30" - E4"    → Smooth running and stable BMX tire, which is nevertheless very lightweight.  The KHE MAC tire is one of the world lightest "steel beaded" BMX Freestyle tires in its size!Physical effect of less mass: Because the wheel is..
Ex Tax:16.35€
Brand: KHE Model: RP0723
  Product information "KHE MAC2+ 20 Zoll x 2,3" Zoll Street Park BMX folding tire - E6"→ Foldable tire, consisting of kevlar which makes it extrem lightweight.The MAC tire is the “WORLD's First Freestyle Folding tire”!This is not just a new tire like all the others, this one changes the we..
Ex Tax:24.55€
Brand: KHE Model: RP0742
  Product information "KHE MAC2+ PARK/STREET 20"x 2,30" - E10"   →High-quality BMX Park / Street tire and one of the lightest of its kind!While developing this MAC2+ tire we payed attention to create a top tire for a low price. With the steelband its the cheaper alternative to the fol..
Ex Tax:16.35€
Brand: KHE Model: RP0727
 Product information ".KHE MAC2+ PROOF 20" x 2,30" tire - E9"→ Lightweight KHE BMX tire with a special layer preventing flat tires!We are proud to introduce you our unique puncture proof tire. This tire is perfect for Street riding, cause of the integrated puncture proof layer and stronger side..
Ex Tax:18.81€
Brand: KENDA Model: RP0477
Product information "KENDA tire black 20"x1,95" - E6"→ Black KENDA BMX tire original by KHE! The tire has the dimensions 20"x1,95".This stable steal-beaded tire from the brand Kenda offers you a top price-perfomance ratio.The tire comes in a black colour. Simple but cool!Specifications:Colour: black..
Ex Tax:12.25€
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