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Brand: BOTTECCHIA Model: RP0938
SPECIFICATIONSSIZE: 45cm (universal)FRAME: AluFORK: Zoom CH141DNO. GEARS: 6REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano TY21SHIFTER: Shimano RS35 6SCRANK: Bottecchia 42TSPROCHET: Shimano 14/28BRAKES: mechanical disc front, V-brake rearRIMS: Alu 26X1.75 Double WallTIRES: 26x1.75DRIVE MOTOR: Rear wheel 36V 250WBATTERY: L..
Ex Tax:1,064.75€
Brand: BOTTECCHIA Model: RP0939
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONSMountain Bike Bottecchia 106Specification:FRAME: 27.5" ALU 6061FORK: RAXE X8.0 ALU, 100 mm HODAS 27.5"NO. GEARS: 21REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano TY500 FRONT DERAILLEUR: ShimanoSHIFTER: Shimano ST-EF-41 3x7CRANK: Shimano FC 42/34/24SPROCHET: Shimano 7 SPEEDBRAKES: Alu V-brakeWHEEL..
Ex Tax:409.02€
Brand: BOTTECCHIA Model: RP0940
PRODUCT DETAILSSpecification:FRAME: MTB 27.5" Alu 6061 IDFFORK: RAXE X8.0 alu, 100 mm walkNO. GEARS: 21REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano TY500FRONT DERAILLEUR: ShimanoSHIFTERS: Shimano ST EF 41, 3x7CRANK: Shimano FC 42-34-24TSPR0OCHET: Shimano 7 SPEEDBRAKES: Pro Max Dsk 300 Disk, mechanical discRIMS: Raxe 27..
Ex Tax:433.61€
Brand: BOTTECCHIA Model: RP0941
PRODUCT DETAILSMountain Bike Bottecchia 109SIZES: S (16), M (17), L (19"), XL (21")Specification:FRAME: MTB 29 ALU 6061 IDFFORK: RAXE X8.0 ALU, 100 mm walkNO. GEARS: 21REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano TY500FRONT DERAILLEUR: ShimanoSHIFTER: Shimano ST EF 41, 3x7CRANK: Shimano FC 42-34-24TSOROCHET: Shimano 7 ..
Ex Tax:433.61€
Brand: ROMET Model: RP0893
CHILDREN'S BIKE CINDY 20ROMET Cindy 20 is the smallest model of children's cross/trekking bikes equipped with 20" wheels and a sprung fork. It is intended for children 6 to 10 years of age who want safe, comfortable and self-driving. A reliable bike that your child can take in any terrain and, while..
189.90€ 199.90€
Ex Tax:155.66€
Model: RP0547
Lady cruiser city bike 3 speed shimano nexus...
Ex Tax:282.70€
Brand: CULT Model: RP0544
  *AVAILABILITY: MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY 2021PRODUCT DETAILSPerfect entry level bike for a beginner at a nice price...Formerly known as the Gateway Jr.  SPECIFICATIONS 20” TT Frame9" 2-piece BarsHeaven's Gate Begin GripsTop Load StemIntegrated HeadsetCULT Nylon Pedals3 pc 170mm Cromo ..
499.00€ 529.00€
Ex Tax:409.02€
Brand: DOUGLAS Model: RP0876
PRODUCT DETAILS:   City women's bike Classic ONE 6P with basketSPECIFICATION:Size: 26Box: Hi - tenNo. performance: 1Brakes: V-brake, torpedo..
Ex Tax:229.50€
Brand: DOUGLAS Model: RP0877
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS:  City women's bike Classic SIX 6P with basketSPECIFICATIONS:Size: 26No. gears: 6pMenj. last: Shimano TZ - 50Gear levers: Shimano Revo 35..
Ex Tax:245.08€
Brand: ECONO Model: RP0944
PRODUCT DETAILSApes C4 is a second-generation urban bee that will take you safely and easily on your routes to work and shopping. The bicycle is an appropriate means of transport, which does not pollute the environment and has positive effects on your health, due to traffic congestion in urban centr..
Ex Tax:1,335.25€
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